Atelier provides advanced window culture

Atelier provides advanced window culture. Atelier uPVC windows and doors are fabricated with state of art to meet the highest quality standards. It also offer customized designs according to your requirements. Atelier use the best quality uPVC profile that are wide, strong, thicker and stable even for high wind loads. Atelier uPVC windows and doors never need painting and will look as good as new for decades. Atelier use high quality hardware which ensure smooth operation. Atelier provides end to end solution: survey design, fabrication, delivery, installation and service on time. All work done off-site so that your work is not disturbed.

Beats all weather conditions. Unlike Timber windows Alternative Frames do not absorb moisture and do not alter under extreme weather conditions.

U-PVC is not vulnerable to insects and termites. Its hard surface compound protects it from such invasions, and it does not degenerate like wood.

Alternative Frames do not require periodical repainting or maintenance. They do not rot, warp or corrode. This renders them more economical in long run.

The Alternative Frames design prevents thermal bridging making insulation extremely effective. It has the option of two layered vacuumed glass panes to achieve more from air conditioning and conserves energy. The system also eliminates the problem of water condensation on the window panes, inside the house.

Protection against noise pollution and higher levels of privacy is ensured. Sound insulation is increasingly become a compliance issue in many sensitive areas including hospitals.

Joints tightness which is an inherent Alternative Frames feature keeps the driving rain out. Can also be used in certain special environment conditions like proximity to swimming pools/beaches. It has been used successfully in marine applications.

U-PVC materials used in Alternative Frames are fire resistant and do not support or enhance accidental fires unlike their timber counterparts.